How to make healthy diet choices without selling your happiness.

There have been multiple times in my life where I started a diet only to give up, that same afternoon due to a ravenous hunger taking over me or even just the thought, that certain foods were off-limits, made me want them more.

I was looking at YouTubers and their healthy habits, only to beat myself up over the failure that was my diet.


I am here to assure you that it can get better and without being miserable. These following things really helped in turning my diet around and made healthy choices part of my life.

Try these simple steps to improve your diet choices:

1.Only stock healthy options. In the beginning I had no self-control and struggled to say no to a continuous binge on chocolate. So I decided to tweak my pantry and have options like fruit and healthy snacks available. It is important though to not think of the other options as bad but rather as a ‘once in a while’ snack. But I’ll get to that…

2. Create healthy alternatives to things you love. Creating protein balls and zucchini brownies has always been something I enjoyed but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered these options to be satisfactory in the sweet treat department. What I mean is that I would not crave the chocolate as much if I just had a delicious zucchini brownie that tasted like chocolate. Also, check out my oat bar recipe, they taste like heaven.

5. Don’t use the word “bad” foods. This is an easy habit to get into and before you know it you’ve got a good food list and a bad food list. Bullshit! Food is food and in MODERATION, all things can be good for you. Maybe not for your shredded abs but sometimes for your soul. When you label foods as bad, you start wanting them more, creating this novelty that is pizza. Allow yourself these foods and you will start to moderately enjoy them and be less likely to crave them.

4. Try to do something before making the choice. I found myself always making bad decisions when in a ‘moment.’ A moment of hunger, a moment of weakness, a moment of want. So I started to change my decision time. I would crave chocolate, okay, walked somewhere else, drank water and then came back to realise I did not need it as much and would be happy with a balanced meal instead. You can literally do anything, but avoiding sudden and spontaneous decisions about your diet might help more than you think.

5. Try to figure out why you want certain foods. Maybe you feel yourself wanting chocolate after a hard emotional day or you are craving some pizza after a run. When you figure this out you can prepare before to have an alternative in mind. If you know you are an ’emotional eater’ then having alternative snacks ready will be life-saving.

The most important thing is to also realise that sometimes you should just have your treat and BE FINE WITH IT.

Till next time.

The Confident Dinosaur