5 Things to do in quarantine to stay sane.

It’s a pandemic and the most important thing we need to do now, is stay home. This can be a daunting and soul-crushing experience for most people. Luckily, by doing some simple tasks everyday your quarantine can be easy and breakdown free.

Do these 5 things every day:

  1. Set a daily goal. It is important to not hang around in bed every day or spend hours on social media, even though it is easy and appealing. By giving yourself a daily goal, you can spread out productive days and lazy days. Goals can be anything from work-related tasks, writing a blog, doing laundry or maybe finishing a garment or reading a book. Keep it simple and do not make a long list of goals, for every day, as you will still have the next few days to fill. You can also create a quarantine calendar for your full time in quarantine depending on the duration.
  2. Exercise. Moving your body is still important at this time and contributes to your overall health. There are multiple YouTubers and Instagram personalities that have follow-along home workouts. Try to find exercises that fit your level of fitness and do at least 15 to 30 mins a day. If you are a beginner, you should aim for 3 days a week. (I can do a blog on the best Youtubers to follow for home workouts or my home workout plan, later.)
  3. Get some sun. It is tempting to close the curtains and watch movies, series or do some gaming (I’m absolutely addicted to Sims again and time simply flies by when I get building) but setting out some time, to sit in the sun can be good for your soul. If you are fortunate to have a garden, utilise that by spending some time outside. Play with your dog or kids or work on a tan. If you are apartment bound, look at when the sun hits inside your apartment and use that spot to do some reading or painting or working.
  4. Be creative. Some people might say they are not creatives but this is the perfect time to start dabbling in some form of creativity. Depending on the resources you have available try different things. Do some painting, try cooking new recipes, do some DIY tasks around the house, finish a book, try different makeup looks, do your nails or hair. The list goes on. If you have children play with them, build Legos and colour in. My husband loves picking up new skills and we both bring different creative skills to the table, so we are spending this time learning, and it is honestly amusing. We are laughing every day and creating amazing memories. The other day he joined me in baking bread and to my surprise he was good at some of it. He asked the funniest questions and forgot one of the ingredients, but the kneading was impressive.
  5. Rest. Setting out some time every day to have some downtime is important. Some people have no problem lying around but if you are anything like me, you need to be told that it is okay to sit down. The quarantine has multiple people working from home and doing tasks that you normally don’t get time for, but we might forget to work in some rest time. I’ve set out the time for work and time for chill otherwise, I would work without rest.

Everyone will tackle this situation differently and that is okay. The most important thing now is to stay at home and flatten the curve. Also remember to check on your extrovert friends as they may be taking this harder than others.

Till next time.

The Confident Dinosaur

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