Today's recipe was forced on me by the brown bananas staring at me from the counter-top and my husband smoothly implying that it's a shame we have to throw them away. I remembered my mothers banana bread recipe and whip out her recipe. Unlucky to see that I needed brown sugar, I almost stopped the … Continue reading BANANA BREAD

EASY PROTEIN PANCAKES – Healthy, Gluten free and Delicious

Protein pancakes I've seen this recipe so many times before but always struggled to get past the banana taste. If you dabble in cooking and baking, you know that gluten-free and healthy in one recipe indicates some bananas. However, I am here to put your mind at ease. I have finally discovered the perfect complementary … Continue reading EASY PROTEIN PANCAKES – Healthy, Gluten free and Delicious

No bake oat bars

These oat bars are life and will hit the spot without hitting your hips. No baking required makes this super convenient and easy. This will be a winner with your picky eaters as it has been given the thumbs up by my hubby(he hates anything that sounds like health). INGREDIENTS: coconut oil/ nonstick cooking spray/ … Continue reading No bake oat bars